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    Yuck ‘n Yum is  currently in a deep sleep, our collective body has been cryogenically frozen until a time that is conducive to our reawakening.

    Whilst we are sleeping, please look at our archive and if you would like to host your own AGK Mobile Karaoke you can contact us on our facebook page.

    Thank you to everyone who supported, contributed and participated in our activities over the years.

    One love


    On behalf of the Yuck ‘n Yum crew


    image – still from Forever Young (1992)

    BYOB is coming!

    NEoN Digital Arts Festival and Yuck n’ Yum present…

    Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB)
    as part of the NEoN Finale Party

    Calling all VJs, film-makers, animators, visual artists, performance artists… LISTEN UP!

    On Saturday 8 November 2014, BYOB is coming to Dundee and we want YOU to be involved. That B stands for Beamer and we don’t mean BMW so you can leave your flash car at home.

    Curated by NEoN and Yuck n’ Yum, BYOB will be an evening of light, colour and sound saturation! We invite you to help us create a projection wonderland where the walls, floors and ceilings are plastered with moving image. So whether you’re a film-maker, VJ, visual artist or performer, we want to hear from YOU.

    BYOB is an open source idea founded by Rafaël Rozendaal, a New York based visual artist who launched the event in 2010 in Berlin. The idea is fairly simple: find a cool space, invite artists to share their work and bring a projector! We can supply the equipment and we just want your ideas.


    Here is the link to download the info from:


    Zine Fair 2014


    Yuck ‘n Yum’s annual zine fair returns!

    Now in its third year, we’re teaming up with our old pals HMC and hosting it in their gallery space on September 13th. We’ll be there and open to the public from 12pm – 5pm. With events/talks/music throughout the day. We’ve also managed to wrangle ourselves into the Dundee Doors Open Day; so fingers crossed for much footfall!

    We’re looking for zinesters who want to share/sell/network/collaborate on the day. Our stalls cost £5, but we’re open to bartering! Stalls are 3ft by 2ft.


    Interested? Drop us an email; becca@yucknyum.co.uk

    We are Studio Jamming

    Yuck ‘n Yum are delighted to announce our participation in the 12-Hour Studio Jamming Symposium! This will happen on Friday 25 July from 11am to 11pm at Duncan of Jordanstone’s Cooper Gallery in Dundee.

    We’ll make a presentation, hand out free stuff and generally present, reflect upon and elaborate the possibilities and histories embedded in artists’ collaborations. We’re taking the stage about 22:20, so please be there, won’t you?

    It’s free and open to everyone, so if you’d like to attend please RSVP to exhibitions@dundee.ac.uk.

    The winners of Zine Idol are CC


    We are delighted to announce that the winners of Zine Idol are The Collage Collective!

    The Aberdeen based collective received £500 seed money plus all of our support and guidance to fund their zine production.

    On Saturday 8th February Zine Idol took place at the Hannah Maclure Centre’s  Micro Cinema in Dundee. Zinesters from across Scotland made their pitch to our select panel, who somehow had to decide on a winner out of all the worthy presentations.

    In attendance were CC, Barnum’s Baby, Plastik Zine, ST-ART Magazine and Anti-Zine. All participants were able to make new connections, dialogues and friendships through the event.  CC is made up of artists, writers, musicians and designers and have already been beavering away to bring you their first call out



    The Uncanny was term appointed by Freud to denote the schism and dichotomous relationship between things which seem familiar yet simultaneously foreign. The concept alludes not just to an object, person or place(s) apparent meaning and reason but also its implicit meaning.

    “KEN” derived from the Old English “ken” (knowing or to know) holds an independent resonance within Scotland, still used frequently linguistically e.g. “Y’ken” – “Aye I ken”.


    — Works in any media that responds to the afore-
    mentioned theme. We are looking for submissions from;

    artists, designers, writers and performers.

    We ask that works are sent digitally as jpegs or rtf/word

    docs for text formats. Files should be a max of 2mb.

    Please consider when submitting images the final zine will be produced in B&W and in A5 format. If your work requires two pages please state this when submitting and we will take it into consideration.

    Email submissions to thecollagecollective @ gmail.com

    Include the following: //NAME: | COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: | TITLE OF WORK: | MEDIA: | DIMENSIONS: //

    // FINALLY

    Even if your submission is unsuitable for this issue of “THE CC PRESENTS:” we shall keep details of both you and your works in a form of archive in case your works seems more suited to a future issue.

    For more information about CC please visit their tumblr.

    Yuck ‘n Yum is massively thankful to all who took part we wish you all good luck in your future endeavours.  We’d also like to say a special thanks to Clare Brennan and her team at The Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University, Dundee for supporting the project.

    Photo: The CC team with the judging panel

    Winter Launch pics

    Happy new year, dedicated Yuck ‘n Yum fans. In December, we held the launch for our last ever issue of Yuck ‘n Yum zine. Here’s some of the mayhem – featuring The Hugs, The Members, and VIP cover artist Cos Ahmet.

    That’s the last launch of our zine (Yuck ‘n Yum continues as a collective), but the next launch could be for a zine of your own creation. Check out our Zine Idol site for details on how to pitch a brand new zine which we’ll support you in making and publishing.

    Zine Idol

    Hello and welcome to 2014, here at YNY HQ we are very excited about the new direction we will be taking in the coming year and will announce future projects in due course.  In the meantime we’d thought we’d remind you about our Zine Idol opportunity – deadline 1st of February 2014.

    To celebrate new beginnings we are offering the support, guidance, and £500 of seed money to bring your own self-published zine venture to fruition. We are asking for groups of at least three or more people to write a proposal of how you envisage your zine. Yuck ’n Yum was a quarterly, black and white, 25 page, A5 zine with no theme – but you could pitch anything: a monthly two-page zine with a different theme each month, a full colour artists annual, or a zine full of exhibition reviews. Its entirely up to you, but we are particuarly interested in fresh, innovative ideas.

    Interested? For full details of the project and our terms and conditions please go to  http://zineidol.yucknyum.co.uk/

    This project is made possible by our funders the Hannah Maclure Centre.

    Winter Issue Launch

    On Saturday December 14th be sure you’re at the Hannah Maclure Centre from 7pm. Because that’s when Yuck ‘n Yum will launch its LAST EVER issue, and you really don’t want to miss it!

    There’ll be all the usual goodness you’ve come to expect from our launches: food, drink, music and zines of course come as standard. But as this time is extra special, we’re inviting back some of our illustrious guests who’ve thrilled the zinester crowds through the ages. You can relive those special moments with Yuck ‘n Yum and as always, the final issue will be available to take home for free! We can also promise a few super special Christmassy surprises to say thank you for being such a lovely audience over the years. Yuck ‘n Yum looks forward to seeing you there at the LAST EVER zine launch…

    Clarifying the Winter deadline

    Some of our sharper-eyed readers have earned themselves an extended deadline. In our October 10th mailout, we included a flyer for our final zine deadline, featuring a rather fetching bulldog in Victorian garb. Unfortunately, we used an earlier draft of the flyer, from before the deadline was locked in! Perhaps we can blame it on the pretty deadline bulldog being overly flirtatious.

    In any case, some of you may have seen the wrong date of the 22nd of November for the deadline, rather than the 16th as we advertised everywhere else. We’re bound to our word, so we’ll be accepting submissions until tomorrow (the 22nd). If you have something to send us for inclusion in the final ever issue of Yuck ‘n Yum, best send it in ASAP.

    In the meantime, we’re withdrawing wardrobe privileges for the bulldog until it learns to proofread.