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  • Clarifying the Winter deadline

    Some of our sharper-eyed readers have earned themselves an extended deadline. In our October 10th mailout, we included a flyer for our final zine deadline, featuring a rather fetching bulldog in Victorian garb. Unfortunately, we used an earlier draft of the flyer, from before the deadline was locked in! Perhaps we can blame it on the pretty deadline bulldog being overly flirtatious.

    In any case, some of you may have seen the wrong date of the 22nd of November for the deadline, rather than the 16th as we advertised everywhere else. We’re bound to our word, so we’ll be accepting submissions until tomorrow (the 22nd). If you have something to send us for inclusion in the final ever issue of Yuck ‘n Yum, best send it in ASAP.

    In the meantime, we’re withdrawing wardrobe privileges for the bulldog until it learns to proofread.