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    Winter Launch pics

    Happy new year, dedicated Yuck ‘n Yum fans. In December, we held the launch for our last ever issue of Yuck ‘n Yum zine. Here’s some of the mayhem – featuring The Hugs, The Members, and VIP cover artist Cos Ahmet.

    That’s the last launch of our zine (Yuck ‘n Yum continues as a collective), but the next launch could be for a zine of your own creation. Check out our Zine Idol site for details on how to pitch a brand new zine which we’ll support you in making and publishing.

    Winter Issue Launch

    On Saturday December 14th be sure you’re at the Hannah Maclure Centre from 7pm. Because that’s when Yuck ‘n Yum will launch its LAST EVER issue, and you really don’t want to miss it!

    There’ll be all the usual goodness you’ve come to expect from our launches: food, drink, music and zines of course come as standard. But as this time is extra special, we’re inviting back some of our illustrious guests who’ve thrilled the zinester crowds through the ages. You can relive those special moments with Yuck ‘n Yum and as always, the final issue will be available to take home for free! We can also promise a few super special Christmassy surprises to say thank you for being such a lovely audience over the years. Yuck ‘n Yum looks forward to seeing you there at the LAST EVER zine launch…

    Clarifying the Winter deadline

    Some of our sharper-eyed readers have earned themselves an extended deadline. In our October 10th mailout, we included a flyer for our final zine deadline, featuring a rather fetching bulldog in Victorian garb. Unfortunately, we used an earlier draft of the flyer, from before the deadline was locked in! Perhaps we can blame it on the pretty deadline bulldog being overly flirtatious.

    In any case, some of you may have seen the wrong date of the 22nd of November for the deadline, rather than the 16th as we advertised everywhere else. We’re bound to our word, so we’ll be accepting submissions until tomorrow (the 22nd). If you have something to send us for inclusion in the final ever issue of Yuck ‘n Yum, best send it in ASAP.

    In the meantime, we’re withdrawing wardrobe privileges for the bulldog until it learns to proofread.

    Yuck ‘n Yum is dead, long live Yuck ‘n Yum

    Sit tight and stay calm, because we have some very important news to tell you.

    The bad news is that THE YUCK ‘N YUM ZINE IS DEAD! We will no longer be publishing the quarterly zine that bears our name. We’d like to wish a huge thank you to all contributors, and to all those who’ve helped the cause over our 5 years’ lifetime.

    The winter 2013 issue of Yuck ‘n Yum is to be the last ever. We hope to leave behind a beautiful corpse, and we hope you’ll all play nicely with it.

    The good news is that YUCK ‘N YUM IS STILL ALIVE! We’ll continue to produce art events and multiples, and we’ll still work outside the gallery context. Look out for further announcements in due course, and the AGK will still carry on as scheduled.

    Now that bombshell is over with, there are also a few other things we’d like to tell you, including the last ever submissions deadline and how you can help our AGK. Read on to find out.

    1 – Autumn edition now online

    We’d like to say a big thank you to GENERATORprojects for hosting our Autumn13 launch and to Beth Savage and Ruth Aitken for their fabulous performances. The Autumn edition is now online and will soon be at stockist throughout the UK.

    2 – Last ever Yuck ‘n Yum zine submission deadline is November the 16th 2013

    Winter13 will be our final black and white musing delivered to you in an A5 booklet, however we need your help to make it special. Without your contributions over the years there would have been no Yuck ‘n Yum and for that we are eternally grateful. So lets go out in style and send it off with a bang and send send send in your delectable treats! However before you do, remember to glance at our how to submit guidelines, which are on our website.

    2 – The Annual General Karaoke 4/// Please support our Indiegogo campaign

    For the last few months tremendously talented videomakers from all over Scotland and further afield have been sweating over their AGK videos. The deadline is fast approaching, and on November 9th we hope to deliver the best AGK yet… but we need your help. Despite tremendous support from our volunteers NEoN and the HMC, pulling off our amazing AGK nights is always an expensive enterprise. PA hire, documentation, screen building, prizes, printing and technical equipment all adds up. If you enjoy or have enjoyed any of our free events, including the last three AGKs or free zines over the last few years, and think “I can spare £5 to help these guys improve upon the already amazing AGK” then please do. Anything you can afford would be brilliant. Don’t underestimate that help, it would be tremendous! If you can’t give us anything then please just share the link with your friends and family and please please spread the word.

    The AGK is part of NEoN Digital Art Festival this year and will be taking place at the Vision building in Dundee on the November the 9th. For more information about the festival please visit the festival website.

    Plus watch out for an email from us next week as we have a VERY exciting opportunity for zine makers in the pipeline!

    Love from the Yuck ‘n Yum team

    Autumn Issue is online

    Eyes to the right ->
    Our latest issue, “Autumn 2013” is online for you to read and download. Stay tuned for some big Yuck ‘n Yum news coming soon.


    The blood is on the wall at the Hannah Maclure Center. There’s also finger print powder, animated objects, and an installation that must be seen (truly on another wavelength), along with films and an invisible drawing. This residency has has been quite an inspiration for all involved, and if you want to see ‘Proof’ catch the exhibition while it is on as part of Print Festival Scotland. There is a reception Friday August 30 from 7-10:30 and Crawl Inclusive will be wending its way there as well. The opening hours continue Saturday and Sunday 10-5.  

    The residency was conceived by HMC and Yuck ‘n Yum and was supported by the School of Science, Engineering and Technology. Beatrice Haines worked alongside Dr. Kevin Farrugia  exploring his groundbreaking forensic research. Haines was able to use these visualisation techniques in Abertay’s forensic lab and in the DCA Print Studio to make her new work. 

    The exploration of traces left behind are a large part of Haines’ process. The catalyst for this was the death of her grandmother, the memory of whom she tried to hold on to by recording objects and traces; scuffs on the carpet, tea stains, strands of hair left in her comb. In most cases these once-cherished possessions are discarded, their history we can only guess at or imagine. Like the ex-possessions found in charity shops, objects left behind at crime scenes have been forgotten and rejected. In forensics, these possessions are treated with care and a sterile objectivity, while being poked, prodded, gassed, swabbed, and sprayed. The emotional weight of the object fades as the necessary scientific processes prevail. ‘Proof’ explores the loss of an object’s emotional value as it undergoes scientific treatment, extinction or demotion from home to scrap yard. 

    Creative Dundee feature

    Print Festival Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland