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    Zine Fair 2014


    Yuck ‘n Yum’s annual zine fair returns!

    Now in its third year, we’re teaming up with our old pals HMC and hosting it in their gallery space on September 13th. We’ll be there and open to the public from 12pm – 5pm. With events/talks/music throughout the day. We’ve also managed to wrangle ourselves into the Dundee Doors Open Day; so fingers crossed for much footfall!

    We’re looking for zinesters who want to share/sell/network/collaborate on the day. Our stalls cost £5, but we’re open to bartering! Stalls are 3ft by 2ft.


    Interested? Drop us an email; becca@yucknyum.co.uk


    To download all tracks featured in our transmission for Kill Your Timid Notion CLICK HERE.  You can also get the album artwork FROM HERE.

    Here is the track listing again

    01 : Edward Shallow : We need Cranes Not Skyhooks

    Shallow, influenced by video-games of yesteryear and the sceptical of the views of zealots, has crafted a world in which to reside. Red Plastic Park is this world. He finds the psychology of the game more interesting than the game itself and has created this staggered piece with a Nintendo Game Boy.

    02 : Stuart McAdam : Found Poem

    When you see a word, you see through to the objects or ideas with which it is associated.

    Stuart is interested in talking around his activities as an artist as activity itself, as well as sound/image relationships and their transparencies. He is interested in how this is related to art language.

    03 : Ultra – Red : Arte from artists Union de Vecinos as part of the Plaza Mariachi series

    Ultra – Red is an international collective of activists, community organisers and artists who urgently probe at one of the limit cases of music (and art); how to mobilise the tools of art in a move from individual self-expression to productive collectivity, investigation and action.

    04 : Ben Robinson : Black Mass / Small Print

    This audio artwork is a collage of excerpts from two texts: the Black Mass, originally used in Satanic ritual, and the terms and conditions of a Lloyds bank current account. When said aloud together these incongruous sources reveal a happy consistency of purpose.

    05 : I like Yellow Things : Convertibles and Headbands by The Music Magicians

    Steven Myles and Valerie Norris are the creators of a new zine called I Like Yellow Things, which will be launched alongside the Spring issue of Yuck ‘n Yum. As a little pre-zine taster, Steven and Valerie
    have selected for your listening pleasure a shining example of the little known but genius musical genre that is song-poems – odd music, weird lyrics, utterly unique end product.

    06 : Dawn Campbell : Bring the Unicorn to Life

    The H.M. Frigate Unicorn is hidden in Dundee’s City Quay and was the original venue for this sound piece. Entitled ‘Bring the Unicorn to Life’, the interactive installation consisted of twenty speakers, hidden sensors, 5.1 surround sound and discreet narratives, designed to capture visitor’s imaginations. This track is a small excerpt of some of the sounds exhibited in the Unicorn.


    BOX is the recording and performing nom-de-plume of Dundee based Audio/visual artist Neil McIntee, audio/visual artist working with drawing painting printmaking audio recording/editing/mangling guitar tape manipulation, electronics and audio installation; processing sound on computer and tape, chance operations and installations using found sounds.

    The music is based in improvisation.

    Thank You Arika for letting us hang out with you during the fest, we really enjoyed ourselves.  But wait it’s not finished yet! There is still SO much to do and see over the weekend so check out the programme at http://www.arika.org.uk/kytn/2010 or pop down to the DCA to get the last two tracks of our mixtape and also experience some of the best audio visual art around. HOORAH.